Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Update! I'm getting married!

So yeah, I'm getting married! :D I was proposed by a friend, FAHMA TAFWIDLA to be exact, knowing that we finally realized that we are each other's The One. Eheeuy.

Inspired by many wedding blogs that already helped me plan each little pieces of wedding preparation, I might as well start my own. But instead of making a new blog, I will continue it in my own, dusty, long lost blog :p

I've been dreaming to have a garden themed wedding that's warm, full of love, full of laugh, and I can enjoy it together with my family and closest friends without having to stand on the 'pelaminan' only watching :(  NO!
Thank God, my mother had the same thought! Fyuuuh... So my plan is to have an outdoor, morning wedding and the theme will be SUNFLOWERS AND NAVY BLUE PICNIC WEDDING. We wouldn't be standing on 'pelaminan' (as in mingling), and we will only invite about 300 people. PEOPLE not invitations. Get what I mean, right?

But so far, my parents and Fahma's parents haven't had an actual meeting. WHAT?! Fahma works in Tembagapura, Papua, my parents also live there, and while Fahma's mother lives in Bandung, his father works in Takengon, Aceh! Therefore, we only have limited time. Ah yes, I also forget, Fahma's brother lives in USA. Rrr, that's something to be considered too. So yeah, we haven't decided on the date yet. 

BUT, we do have a progress :D 

We already ordered wedding rings! Yayyy! We ordered them through Laris Jewellery, Jl. Sukajadi Bandung on December 7th and expecting them to be finished on February, but guess what? They just called in today telling us that our rings are finished! That was fast! I need to see if the ring looks exactly like I wanted and if it fits my finger. Yeah, ga buru-buru kok.

Here's our wedding ring, taken from my instagram.

This was actually pretty funny. We only planned to 'liat-liat dulu' but looking at those gorgeous rings, I just can't stand it. We chose these rings and tried them on our fingers. Oh God, they look beautiful, simple, but pretty, just like what we wanted. But the price is too high. Telling you what, the 'Cici' the owner is a God-damn-good seller. She did everything she could to reduce the price and those 'rayuan maut' were killing us. So there, we ended up with a good, affordable price, and Fahma paid the DP. 

Outside the store, we were looking at each other, the bill in my hand. He said "Kita beneran nikah nih ya?", then we laughed. I can't believe it either :D

Brides and grooms to-be, if you are in Bandung, I would recommend to buy your wedding rings in Laris Jewellery. :)

Another progress, later ok? Just stay tuned ;)


IchaSachrys said...

Congrats ka Lala!
-Icha, madang & keluarga-

lia said...

Salam kenal ya mbak Winda...
Nemu pas blogwalking nih..lg cari2 info wedding preparation di bandung juga :)