Saturday, September 24, 2011


That's when my day goes by
As the sun dropped to the moon
As the wheels run through the road
As you walked into me

When I put my hands on you
When the sounds were so deep
When your eyes captured mine
We're going so low

Silent mist, sleep and sound
Wet and careless in my arm
If you could touch the soul inside
If you could touch the sounds upon
If we can touch, if we can touch

A second feels like forever
No one could stop this speed of soul
Can you just hold on to it
Just one touch and everything's changed

Cry, silent, cry, silent
Sun to the twilight to the moon
Rain, mist, feels like morning dew
This is the day this is the night
And I touch the looks, touch the ground, touch the sky, touch my breath, touch the frost, touch his cry, touch his smell
But there's no you,
No you to touch

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