Monday, December 27, 2010

Ping Me

(made for Silverstrand Reunion, although we don't know when it's gonna happen :p)

Verse 1
It's not the beginning, my friends
We're growing old see if you notice
'though it's started out as a feeling
But the bonds get stronger everytime

Tears and laughters, that we've been through
Photographs and records, stories untold
Boys boys break our hearts, but they can't let us down
Because we have each other, that's what is that all about

You'll have my hugs and my kisses
Everytime you cry
You'll have my strength and my jokes
Everytime you're in pain
We'll sing and dance through the night
If it makes you feel good
You can just ping me anytime
I'll show your trouble who's the boss

Verse 2
Time shows, distance means nothing
You'll always have somebody, by your side
'Though you can't see me, just believe
I'm yours forever, just stand up and let it flow!