Monday, June 15, 2009

DIY Shredded Tee

Hi all! Long time no see, huh? Okay, soo many things keep distracting me from my blog. The truth is, I never had the right mood to write something here. I should have written more thoughts, though.

So okay, what I recently did is transforming this old boring grey t-shirt

into something cool like this
YEAH! D-I-Y Shredded tee! Woohoo. I did the sleeve with Kat Von D's style while the shredding is Camille's style. Anyway Camille is from Childhood Flames. I adore her clean, classic, simple style. So, here's the step...

What you will need:
- a t-shirt
- scissor
- seam ripper

1. Cut out all the hem

2. Now use your seamripper, or finger, or some pointy tool to pull out a thread from the edge of the hem. You will see when you're pulling it, the thread will loosen. Don't worry when you break some thread. Determine how wide you'd like your panel of shredded part to be. Then pull the next thread and so on until you have loosen a couple threads.

3. When you already have severals threads loosen you can just use your finger to pull the fabric to rip out the rest. It's okay when you break some threads as it is not ought to be tidy. Make some panel until you satisfied.

4. Now for the sleeves. Feel free to cut the sleeves.

5. Then cut them in half.

6. Tie each halves to fit your arm. You might need a little help here. You can even tie two halves at a time or even three.

oops pardon the shadow on the photo.

7. After you tie all the halves you might want to cut out the excess from the tie so it won't dangling around make it looks ugly.

So, here it is once again THE DIY SHREDDED TEE!
Some more photos..taken at closing Asian Lomography Faces exhibition

with my lovely boyfriend Fakhry Auzan




mei. said...

la, susah ga sih itu makenya. apalagi di bagian lengan.. hehe

Lawinda Cempaka Nurti said...

g begitu susah sih mei.. cuma butuh waktu.. ahhaha

Anonymous said...

laa ini keren pisaaan \m/