Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thrifting Extravaganza

This morning I went thrifting at Pasar Gasibu with Haiti and Meisa. I only want to buy a black dress for PSM, but I ended up buying two other dresses. It is just soooooooo cheap, I can't help myself. It's only 5000 rupiah and if you buy 5 dresses you only have to pay 20.000! Meisa and Haiti bought other 3 dresses which is also inspiring. They also bought some blazers and blouses at other stalls. Haiti bought this brown houndstooth blazer that is soooo cool. She said that she will fix the buttons (they were rusted, euuuugh) and surely I will borrow it someday. Haha. Here is what I bought (sorry for the low quality photos so you can't see the detail of the dresses, I'm using my cell phone to take the photos):



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