Saturday, March 07, 2009

So Many Things to Tell

1. I fell in love with Adhitia Sofyan's song after I heard Adelaide Sky, one of his song in Raditya Dika's movie, Kambing Jantan. You can download his songs and the lyrics here. And I should say that I expected too much from Kambing Jantan the Movie. It just not as good and not as funny as I thought it will be. Raditya Dika said in his blog that if you laugh at Woody Allen's movie Descontructing Harry then you will laugh at his movie too. He did the movie with Woody Allen style, anyway. But somehow, most Indonesian people are just not that smart, he should realize. And sorry to say, Herfiza Novianti, this is not sinetron ok? Poor acting. Be thankful that you are Raditya Dika's girlfriend. Edric Tjandra is totally funny as usual. Very natural. Brilliant work.

2. I've just watched Sigur Ros' video, Gobbledigook, from Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust which was out in 2008. This video was made by Arni & Kinski collaborated with photographer Ryan McGinley. I won't put the video here because, rrrr, just watch it. Just find it in Youtube or somewhere else. Okay, so actually the video is beautiful! The nature of Iceland which is oh-so-green and calming combined with tribal beat, and also naked people running and dancing all around showing happiness and freedom. I don't think it's erotic, but still, it's disturbing. That's why I won't put the video here.

3. Tomorrow, there will be Opera Ganesha held at Sasana Budaya Ganesha! Watch me watch me! I'm going to sing with PSM. We will sing 4 songs, Gaudeamus Igitur, Naik Delman, Funiculi Funicula, and Mentari. This is a collosal show. All art and culture student unit will be involved. Purwacaraka also involved as the music director. I expect the show will be magnificent, lustruous, amazing, fantastic, okay I'm being too hysterical, but I'm soooo excited!

4. I met three, THREE handsome guys at the rehearsal. Okay, enough said.

5. I found out that the message board in ITB is full with critiques from students. I must admit what they wrote are right. The Dies Emas celebration was toooo big! ITB is full of decorative stuff which definitely costs A LOT. Is it a show-off? And I regret the fact that ITB put some names who donate 50 billions rupiah on Labtek! What, did they buy ITB? I smelled some commercialism and collution here. I read one of the message "Kalo udah gede mau beli CC ah, biar namanya bisa dipajang," And this is what I write: "Lumayan bisa foto-foto norak. Kapan lagi coba Dies Emas?" anyway, Happy 50th Birthday, ITB!



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asop said...

Bener, apa2an tuh ada Labtek dengan nama "Gedung Benny"??? Menggelikan. :(