Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just You and Me

on my way back to where i should be
i saw the dusk
the beautiful dusk
red sky over the distance
i was drenched in it's majesty
and i started to think about you
being in so many places
just you and me

i wanted to be in a private beach
just you and me
drowning in it's silence
lay on the white sandy beach
smell the salty sea
looking over the blue ocean
thinking about life
with some burst of the breeze

i wanted to be up on the cliff
just you and me
with city lights underneath us
black sky over our heads
hoping that there would be shooting stars
to grant our wishes
thinking about life
with some calming sounds from the crickets

i wanted to be on the highest mountain
just you and me
after so many effort to climb
and feel like on top of the world
being so proud to ourselves
looking way under the clouds
thinking about life
with the cold wind rushing through our bones

i wanted to be anywhere
as long as i'm with you

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