Monday, October 20, 2008

my first (unfinished) rock climbing

Here I am now, sitting in pain... caused by bruises I got in Citatah. Let me tell you how I got them.

Saturday, I went to Citatah to attend 'Materi Lapangan Rock Climbing' with GM XVIII KMPA 'G' ITB and the seniors. We left ITB at 9.15 and arrived in Citatah at 11. After we got there, we built our tent, having a break, enjoying the scenery, having lunch, and praying. And of course, chatting, getting to know each other, as a new member of KMPA. Then at 14.00 we had our 'materi', which is about knots. We learn how to tie knots, especially 'simpul 8' and how to make seat harness, both are needed to climb the next day. At 16.00 we learn about rock climbing itself. Oh yaa, 'pemateri' for that day is Kak Maul. After the 'materi' finished, we cooked our dinner, eating, and praying, and by 20.00 we gathered around, GM and seniors, together. The seniors called it 'Kubis-Kupas Abis'. With the candles lit, snacks, and tea & coffee were cooked on the trangia, we shared about KMPA and why we joined KMPA, and also had a lot of good laughs (Hail Om Sigit... he's the king that night). I went to sleep at 23.00, while others still chatting by the candles. Sorry, too tired to continue...

Sunday, the next day, the CLIMBING day!! I was a bit too excited for this. But I don't know why, I got problems while making my seat harness, it took sooooooooo long time, and still, I had to took it off and start all over again!! Damn! I got the third chance to climb after Tetu and Os. At my first climb I fell to the ground (thank God, we all tied to a rope, thanks to Kak Bambang, my belayer). No problem with that, so I climb again, and FELL AGAIN at the same spot, but I just slipped not far from that spot, so I continue. I kept going 'til the rope stuck to a rock. I was yelling "slack" (which is a commando when your rope is too tight so you can't move) but the rope still stuck so the seniors on the ground told me to come down, after all my effort to get there. They told me to just 'freely fall' so I let my hand off the rock, and here it goes, THE ROPE SWING! I felt like I was in roller coaster which runs backward. Then my body HIT THE ROCK! I felt pain all over my body. When I checked my legs I found one BIG BRUISE below my right knee, and bloods on my left toes. Kak Maul cleaned my wounds and blotted 'minyak gandapura' on my bruise. At first, I didn't really feel the pain on my legs, but I felt pain on my arms. I had a rest for a while, and after Intan had climbed, I tried to climb once again, but my hand cannot grab anymore. It felt so stiff, the grab was loosen. So, Kak Yostal told me to wait and give chance to others who hadn't climb. So I laid under the trees and had a hand exercise. That's when I started to feel the pain on my legs. I checked my legs, the bruise was getting bigger and blue. Aji and Nasir brought me ice that Tetu wrapped in her slayer to compress my bruise. I was hardly walk so there's no chance for me to climb again. Even Helmi, who at first scared to climb can finally reach the top and rappling down. And me? Crying inside. Huhhh. I was the only one who didn't get to the top that day. I will pay it next time! Watchout you guys!

After all GM had climbed we went back to our tent to cook our lunch. After we had lunch and break, time to packing up. When we finished packing up, we evaluated what we had done. Then we went back to ITB and arrived there at 17.00.

When I got home, I checked my back and uooohhh, my back was also full of bruises! My upper right back also had some scratches. Mbak Har helped me clean my legs and she also put 'beras kencur' on my bruises and wrapped it. Here's the pho to of my bruise after a day.

bengkaknya udah berkurang, tapi tambah biru euy.. dan sakit kalo digerakkin

Hope it can get better, okay?



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